Transformer Failure Investigations

Electric Connection has over 42 years of power transformer experience with 27 years dealing specifically with bushings. During the past 27 years, this experience extended to involvement in a number of bushing failure investigations, providing extensive experience in managing and directing a bushing failure investigation to its conclusion.

The transformer manufacturer and bushing manufacturer have a vested interest in the outcome of the investigation. Electric Connection can provide the expertise and experience to insure that the bushing will get a complete and thorough examination regarding the root cause of the failure. It is Electric Connection’s conclusion that both the transformer manufacturer and bushing manufacturer welcome this independent resource as part of the investigation.

Working with the transformer manufacturer and bushing manufacturer; Electric Connection will provide the independent eye that will prevent a rush to judgment before all avenues have been investigated.

Contact Electric Connection the next time you have a power transformer failure where the bushing may be suspected for a quotation to help your Utility manage and direct the investigation.